Bolt Gutter® Protection

Reliable Gutter Guards that Prevent Costly Clogs


Gutter protection is incredibly important for maintaining the health of the home’s foundation. Bolt Gutter protection is Sacramento’s reliable gutter guard that blocks debris ranging from leaves to twigs and whirlybirds. It’s the industry’s universal gutter protection that fits seamlessly over a wide range of gutter styles and materials while reducing maintenance.

Bolt is the ideal gutter system due to its stainless steel design. Other gutter products use plastic guards and caps that can break from the force of a tree branch. Some gutter guards use glue that wears away and breaks the product apart, and some frames may collect debris and even promote the growth of moss. Unlike competing products that are nailed to the roof, Bolt gutter protection poses no damage to the exterior and flawlessly functions as part of your gutter system.


With Bolt’s raised Z-screen design, it easily defers debris away from the gutter system. This omits most debris from entering the system and resulting in costly clogs or foundational problems such as pooling. Along with mesh screens for debris protection, Bolt also features galvanized-then-painted steel frames. It’s designed to withstand the sun that typically destroys plastic and vinyl gutter guards.


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Bolt is engineered with a strong louver frame and allows high water flow to enter the system. Up to 10 inches of rainfall per hour can flow through the system without the worry of debris causing clogs.

This gutter protection product is also available in four colors and many wing styles. Numerous accessories are available including valley miters, D-frost, D-moss, and copper frames.

Bolt can also withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour. It’s Class A fire resistant easily attaches to your gutters.


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