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Roof replacement is a large yet important investment for homes throughout Sacramento. Universal Windows Direct is a partner of Owens Corning roofing, one of the industry-leading roof suppliers in the country. These quality roofing systems play a major role in a home’s energy efficiency as well as comfort levels. A high-quality and durable roof can lead to years of peace of mind and energy savings.

One of Owens Corning’s most striking features is its durable asphalt shingles. These shingles are heavier than shingles in competing price ranges, and it’s a product that packs a punch for any roof. Its quality asphalt granules protect against the elements while SureNail technology keeps the shingles securely in place. Owens Corning roofing installation can withstand winds of a Category 5 hurricane.

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The stunning color selection is suitable for any Sacramento homes, with an array of color options that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Choose from hues inspired by nature, including greys, blues, greens, browns, tans, and even orange. Shasta White is available as an Energy-Star certified product that keeps the home cool by reflecting sunlight.

An Owens Corning roof is exceptionally waterproof. It uses technologies such as ProEdge Hip & Ridge vent to block wind-driven rain while maximizing ventilation. A well-ventilated roof is vital to both energy savings and comfort levels of the home. If moisture settles on the rafter beams of an attic or interior walls, there is a major risk to water damage and costly repairs.


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VentSure InFlow vent is yet another excellent protective barrier against wind and rain. It offers a clean and smooth profile and this product is installed at the eave or mid-roof.

WeatherLock G is an essential component to sealing out water. This product is a second-line of defense to the roof with tremendous protection against long-term UV exposure of 45 days. It is highly resistant to tearing and it’s designed as a peel-and-stick product that’s professionally installed by Universal Windows Direct. UWD of Sacramento offers professional roofing installation to ensure top performance of all Owens Corning products.

UWD and Owens Corning offer some of the best warranties for roofing installation. UWD’s Preferred Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty Coverage spans between 10-50 years. A 10-year workmanship warranty is also included.


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